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When you’re gonna adopt a Persian cat, ensure that the dealer provide you with the health insurance and breeding reports that includes complete information regarding the cat you’re going to adopt.

  • A Persian cat possesses a limited ability to groom himself. So, it is advisable to brush his hair twice daily using a metal comb. It’s very useful to keep his hair shiny and clean.
  • It is really a great idea to clean your cat’s hair with baby wipes. Baby wipes are free from poisonous chemicals, have good smell, and they’ll not cause any allergic reactions.
  • Clean your cat’s nose everyday just like a blockage on his nose could cause difficulty in breathing.
  • Always make sure you thoroughly clean his litter box everyday so that your cat will feel safe and relaxed using his litter box.
  • Take him to the veterinarian regularly to be certain that he is in a healthy condition.
  • This cat’s breed loves sunbathing. Give your cat his own window where he can try this activity.
  • Spare some time to play with him so as to keep him in an active state and to prevent him from getting obese.
  • Only feed him with food which is suitable for indoors cats.
  • Does your cat feel lonely?. It’s not at all a bad idea to adopt a new pet.
Most cats dislike water, and this includes Persian kittens. However you need to bath him at least once in 7 days. Persian cats are highly susceptible to stress. Take him to the veterinarian if you find stress in your cat. Keeping him indoor is the most effective way to prevent from getting stressed out.
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