Introducing a New Cat into Your Home | CatWalk Harness

Introducing a New Cat into Your Home | CatWalk Harness

Bringing a cat home and introducing it to the rest of your household and family shouldn't require tons of wasted emotion and energy, particularly if the cat or kitten may be a rescue pet and should need a while to settle to become familiar with the remainder of the family. Problems can arise if there's already a cat or dog within the home, leading to signs of aggression, tension and apprehension.

If you’re very lucky, bringing a replacement cat or kitten into the house are no trouble in the least , with the feline readily accepting every loved one , guest and other pets with affection. However, more often than not, a replacement cat may require transition period to acclimatize from a previous environment.

There are numerous signs may present themselves in a cat or kitten with behavioral issues like hissing, scratching and wailing. On the top of the size , they'll appear to be frightened, attempting to flee the household or a refusal to eat or urinate. When these signs come to the surface, many homeowners feel the simplest thing is to let time run its course and hope that their cat will calm down , become more affectionate or begin of its shell. However, the longer the condition is left, the longer the cat will feel alienated.

If necessary, there are variety of safe and effective treatments available to calm the kitty before introduction into the house. Although, I have not used either of these personally, the Feliway and Furminator range includes numerous non-prescription choices for both cats and kittens, helping to scale back any tension and aggression. Both medication can be inexpensive as compared to vet prescriptions. By developing an informed choice, your new cat or kitten feel more welcome and relaxed throughout the introduction process.

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