California Law AB2152 | Bella's Act | Ends Retail Pet Sales.

California Law AB2152 | Bella's Act | Ends Retail Pet Sales.

Assembly Bill 2152, referred to as "Bella's Act," would end the retail sales of dogs, cats and rabbits throughout California while still allowing retail establishments the opportunity to partner with rescues or shelters for adoption events.

"The mass breeding operations of puppy mills are unhealthy and inhumane. we do not want animals experiencing that cruelty in California," Gloria said. "Bella's Act will finally fulfill our state's promise to disable the illicit puppy mill industry and encourage pet retailers to partner with rescues and shelters for adoption events."

The bill also would prevent pet stores from receiving any compensation from adoption transactions, or for the utilization of the shop or store resources in reference to adoption events.

1. "Prohibition on the sales of Dog, Cat and Rabbits..."

On Jan. 1, 2019, California enacted a prohibition on the sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores unless the animals were acquired from a shelter or rescue group that features a cooperative agreement with a shelter, humane society or society of the prevention of cruelty to animals.

According to Gloria, pet retailers have utilized a loophole to skirt proposed prohibition by importing animals from outside the state lines.

"We applaud California lawmakers for strengthening the state's pet store law and severing the puppy mill pipeline once and for all," said Sabrina Ashjian, California state director for The Humane Society of the U. S..

2. What is a Puppy Mill?

According to the Humane Society, a puppy mill is "an inhumane, high-volume breeding facility that churns out animals for profit. The animals' needs are often ignored and that they are sick and un-socialized. The animals are commonly then sold online or in pet stores."

The society estimates there are 10,000 puppy mills still active within the us .

3. Impetus for The Bill?

AB 2152 is known after a corgi named Bella who was illegally bred by a puppy mill. Bella was sent to a pet store in San Diego County where she was advertised as a rescue and sold for thousands of dollars — the "adoption fee."

During the experience, Bella was declawed and developed a severe case of bronchitis that caused her owner to shell out to spend thousands of dollars to eventually get her healthy.

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